Erica Tibbetts

Impact Evaluation Coordinator 

Erica started riding with Gearing Up in August of 2011 after moving to Philadelphia from Ithaca, NY.
She is working on her PhD at Temple University in the Kinesiology department.
Along with riding her bike, Erica enjoys playing soccer, rowing, and running long distances!

Erica's First Bicycle:

She can't remember the bicycle that she learned to ride on - but thinks it was probably pink, had streamers on the handlebars, coaster brakes, and those noise maker thingees on the spokes!

Why Erica Loves Working for Gearing Up:

"After every ride with Gearing Up, I am filled with a sense of excitement and content. Being able to see the power of physical activity is amazing. The women we ride with face a lot of challenges and watching them work through them one mile at a time is inspiring."