Kaelin Proud

Program Coordinator

Kaelin Proud is a graduate of Temple University with a double major in Political Science and Religion. While racing with Temple’s cycling team, Kaelin befriended Gearing Up’s founder Kristin Gavin and began volunteering at Gearing Up rides. Riding with Gearing Up brought together the two things that Kaelin is most passionate about; bikes and helping women live healthy, self-sufficient, sober lives. In 2010, Kaelin became Gearing Up’s very first official Team Leader, which lead to her transition to Program Coordinator, and today, Program Director. Having been with the organization since the very beginning, Kaelin has aided in the design, implementation, and oversight of both programs and has been absolutely indispensable to the growth and success of Gearing Up. 

Kaelin’s First Bicycle:

A purple yard sale bike with a white basket - a gift from my grandmother!

Why Kaelin Loves Working for Gearing Up:

“I love seeing the change that riding a bike can bring to a person's life.  I appreciate seeing other people using the bike as a coping skill and I truly enjoy being a part of that process for women in our program.  Most of all, I love that we are able to give women the opportunity for change and growth."