Indoor Cycling at Riverside Correctional Facility

Kristin Gavin

Director and Founder

While working on her Master's degree, Kristin started a fitness program for residents at Interim House, a residential and outpatient drug and alcohol recovery facility for women in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia.
Kristin wanted to pursue a career in physical activity promotion, specifically using body movement as an effective complement to treatment for anxiety and depression among women. In May 2009, Kristin decided to take the plunge. Fuji donated five bikes to the cause, and Gearing Up has been 'moving in the right direction' ever since.
When Kristin is not out pedaling with Gearing Up riders, she can be found racing her bike: She is an elite mountain and cyclocross team member of TeamCycstic Fibrosis.

Kristin's First Bicycle:

Believe it or not it was a red Schwinn with whitewall tires. My sister won it, and I was lucky enough to get it as a hand me down. It had coaster brakes!

Why Kristin Loves Working for Gearing Up:

"Have you met the Gearing Up riders? These are incredible women who inspire me and constantly remind me of the resiliency and power that we have as human beings."

Female Inmate Cardiovascular Health Study

  • Female Inmate Cardiovascular Health Study






     Click here to read a study from the Sport Industry Research Center (SIRC) and the Health Behavior Research Clinic (HBRC) in the College of Public Health, Temple University about our indoor cycling program at Riverside Correctional Facility. study 651x800