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The Gearing Up program is designed to meet the physical, emotional and social needs of women involved, while teaching the practical skills necessary to integrate biking into their lifestyle.  To remain in the program, women must meet expectations including remaining drug and alcohol free, consistent attendance, following rules of the road, and maintaining respect for program rules.  Gearing Up staff and volunteers provide positive reinforcement for progressive change exhibited by women in the program.  Following up on the commitment to ride at a scheduled time, persisting to make it up a hill, or getting back on the bike after a hard ride are some of the lessons learned while riding a bike with Gearing Up.  These lessons can be transferred into skills used to become self-sufficient by sustaining sobriety, maintaining job responsibilities and creating a healthy and safe community.



The ProgramGearing Up is a voluntary program for women enrolled at one of our partner programs in Philadelphia:  Interim House, Kirkbride Center, Why Not Prosper, Chances, and Harwood House.  Bike rides are led 2-3 times a week by a Gearing Up Team Leader to ensure the safety of our clients.  As women track their miles and meet milestones, they receive incentives such as water bottles, shirts, socks, and sweatshirts.  Women who have successfully pedaled 150 miles with Gearing Up have the opportunity to earn their own bicycle by demonstrating basic bike maintenance skills such as fixing a flat and performing a safety check on a bicycle.  The end goal of the program is for women to transition to the next phase of their recovery and re-entry as independent individuals and bicycle owners.


Indoor Cycling Program:  Gearing up offers 3 weekly indoor cycling sessions for women incarcerated in Philadelphia County Women’s Prison, Riverside Correctional Facility.  Women who complete 18 sessions are considered "Spin Sisters," receive a certificate of completion, and are invited to continue with Gearing Up for the duration of their incarceration as well as join Gearing Up beyond the walls and enroll in our outdoor biking program.


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